This could be a big help in developing new creative assets for your ad campaigns.

Today, Google has announced that its Ads Creative Studio tool is now available to all businesses, providing a streamlined way to construct new ad content from your existing assets.

Initially launched in beta mode last year, Ads Creative Studio enables advertisers to create multiple versions of a single display or video ad.

As explained by Google:

“[The ads] can be customized for different audiences, locations, languages or contexts. Simply tell us what element of the ad creative – like a product image, superimposed text or sound – you want to set as ‘swappable’ and provide different versions of that element based on a set of rules you create. The rules include the audiences you want to reach or contexts you want to match.”

The system will then put together customized versions of your ads, based on your uploaded assets.

Google Ads Creative Studio

While add-on elements can also be customized for varying use:

“For example, you might make a rule to change the text overlay on your video creative based on whether your audience is in the market for cold-weather gear or warm-weather travel. We’ll apply the rules quickly to all videos and render the different versions in a matter of minutes. Then, you can create and share a preview that shows every video, along with the rules that apply to that video, with anyone who needs to review it.”

The app will provide these new ads in different formats, including vertically-aligned video presentation, which you can then export for use in your campaigns.

A new update also now enables users to export images from Ads Creative Studio to the Google Ads asset library of any linked account, which provides more capacity for using these elements in more campaigns.

It’s a handy-looking tool, with a range of functional options for building your ads, while the capacity to formulate alternative elements quickly could be a big help for your promotions.

You can learn more about using Ads Creative Studio here.

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