Get ready for more GIFs, with Reddit announcing a new integration with GIPHY that will enable users to insert GIPHY GIFs into comment streams within the app.

Reddit GIFs

As explained by Reddit:

“Starting today, users in enabled subreddits will be able to search GIPHY’s moderated library of GIFs, and insert them directly into a comment on Reddit (along with any text). This functionality will be available as an opt-in feature on all pre-existing SFW and non-quarantined subreddits – so moderators will have the ability to decide if it’s right for their communities. For all newly created subreddits, the feature will automatically be available, with the ability for moderators to opt-out.”

That will provide more creative posting options within post chats, and could lead to all new meme trends and behaviors across the platform.

Though the process is not entirely new. Over the past year, GIFs in Reddit comments have been available to selected users via a feature called ‘Powerups’.
Powerups are enabled for users who pay a monthly fee to become a ‘patron’ of a chosen subreddit. When enabled, you can then use your allocated Powerups for various additional functionalities within that community, including uploading video in HD and adding inline GIFs in comments.

Reddit also launched GIFs in chats last May.

Which, Reddit says, has been a popular and valuable addition, leading to this new update that will see even more animated clips invading comment streams.

Which could be good, but then again…

I mean, Reddit has the data, it knows that this has been popular thus far, and that it’s helped to improve engagement. But it will be a big change for Redditors to deal with, which could lead to some backlash for the app.

It’s also interesting that Reddit is partnering with GIPHY for this integration, the company that may or may not belong to Meta.

Meta announced that it was acquiring GIPHY back in 2020, but that purchase has been challenged in the UK on antitrust grounds, which has delayed a merger into Meta’s tools.

Since the announcement, GIPHY has also announced an integration with TikTok, and it’s interesting to see the platform partnering with Meta’s rivals, which, you would think, probably wouldn’t happen if Zuck and Co. were in charge.

Or maybe it would. Maybe the added exposure potential is highly valuable for the app, and even if Meta were in full control, it would still be seeking out such partnerships.

Either way, it’s an interesting new experiment for Reddit, which could have a big impact on in-app engagement.

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