Snapchat has shared some new insights into the power of its app for driving more intimate connections, and the value that can hold for advertisers – in variance to other social apps which focus instead on an ‘endless scroll of UGC’.

According to a new report by Neuro-Insight, commissioned by Snap, Snapchatters find themselves feeling happier after using the app, as opposed to others:

As per Snapchat:

“On average, Snapchat scored 14 points higher than the other social platforms, including Instagram, TikTok and Facebook on the basis of implicit or unconscious associations with the word “happy.”

Which is the key emphasis of this new report:

We’re going to call it as we see it: people are just plain happier when they’re using Snapchat. It’s easy to sign up and start watching hours and hours of user generated content (UGC) on other social media apps without knowing anyone beforehand. All it takes is a username and voila, you can instantly start engaging with content. On the flip side, Snapchat relies on a close circle of friends to deliver a truly satisfying experience.”

Snap says that this leads to stronger, more meaningful connections – which also extends to ads and brand-building efforts.

“When it comes to Snapchat ads, Snapchatters find them to be more personally relevant. And when Snapchatters find content more relevant, they engage more. In fact, we found that Snapchat saw Neuro engagement scores that were 62% higher than Facebook and 32% higher than TikTok.

That could be a valid note for your ad planning, especially as we head into the second half of the year, and you map out your holiday marketing approach.

Snap has also shared some quick snapshots from the report to provide more context around the value of happiness in the app.

You can read Snap’s full report here.

Snapchat happiness report
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