TikTok’s looking to expand its reach even further via improved accessibility, with a range of new translation and captioning tools to help more users engage with the latest trending clips in the app.

First off, TikTok’s adding auto captions, providing another way to add text descriptions to your clips.

TikTok captions

As you can see, TikTok’s auto captions will appear at the lower left hand side of the screen, adding important context to the viewing experience, especially in sound off environments.

TikTok added a variation of auto captions last year, with this new update making it even easier for creators to provide captions overlaid on their clips.

TikTok’s also adding new translations for captions and descriptions, which could help users around the world engage with more clips.

TikTok captions

As you can see in this example, you’ll now be able to provide translated caption text within your clips. So if you’re looking to reach new markets, or connect with different audiences, there’ll now be more options to consider to maximize your performance.

Finally, TikTok’s also adding translations for text-based stickers and overlays to provide even more context for non-native speakers.

TikTok captions

Both of TikTok’s new translation tools will initially support English, Portuguese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and Turkish, so there’s a range of translation options to consider, which could spark entirely new, global trends.

It’s a smart update for the app, which continues to expand its audience around the world, and with so many trending clips, these new additions could help TikTok maximize the value of its best performers, regardless of where they’re posted.

TikTok says that it’s in the early stages of rolling out these new tools, which are available on select videos at present.

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