TikTok’s looking to help marketers better track response to their in-app campaigns via a new partnership with NCSolutions, which will provide new sales lift measurement based on NCS’s methodology, adding more insight on the path to purchase.

NCSolutions utilizes machine learning solutions to provide in-depth insight into sales performance, which it can then connect to ad exposure. That will help TikTok advertisers better understand how their campaigns are driving actual results.

As explained by TikTok:

“[The process] measures the incremental sales lift of in-person and online purchases after seeing an ad on TikTok. Through partnerships with retailers and machine learning technology, NCS quantifies the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and is used by many of the most trusted brands in the United States.”

The process aims to better answer some of the key questions in relation to digital campaigns, including impact on in-store sales, which elements are driving that impact, and advanced audience analytics.

With the combined data from NCS, TikTok will be able to share more information with advertisers to help them make better assessments of their ad performance.

And thus far, it has been generating results:

“From those who have started measuring their campaigns with NCS, we’ve already seen some incredible results. In fact, 33 out of 36 campaigns measured by NCS drove statistically significant lift, with an average return on ad spend (ROAS) of $2.66. That’s 2.4x the ROAS compared to the median NCS performance benchmark.”

TikTok NCSolutions stats

Measuring ad response is always difficult, with exposure in apps like TikTok potentially leading to significant consumer interest – yet if they don’t tap through on the ad in the app, you have no way of knowing what that impact might be.

This new partnership aims to provide more data in this respect. And while no solution is perfect, more insight is always better, and it could be a big help for some TikTok marketers.

TikTok says that ad partners can get in touch with the TikTok account team for more info.

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