TikTok marketers rejoice – today, TikTok has released its new Attribution Manager tool, which enables advertisers to set custom attribution windows within TikTok campaigns.

TikTok Attribution Manager

As you can see in this example, TikTok’s Attribution Manager, which is available within its Ads Manager platform, enables ad managers to set custom attribution windows on each of their campaigns.

“For web and app campaigns, TikTok Attribution Manager enables marketers to select a specific time period to measure success: the click-through attribution (CTA) window can range from one day to 28 days, while view-through attribution (VTA) window options range from off to up to seven days.

That provides more flexibility in measuring the results of your TikTok promotions, with the data then linked to actions taken over a chosen window of time after ad exposure, which will better enable you to set the parameters that make the most sense for each push.

“For example, a major brand marketer may look at views and immediate clicks as key campaign indicators when building brand awareness, while an auto brand might expect a longer consideration cycle from a prospective customer.

TikTok attribution, by default, will show you 7-day click and 1-day view data, based on TikTok Pixel and/or Events API response. That will give you more accurate info on how people respond to your ads in the app – though there will be some limitations based on in-app tracking, with Apple’s ATT update giving users the capacity to opt-out of in-app tracking tools, which could impact insight.

Though TikTok is also improving its tools on this front too.

Back in April, TikTok launched the capacity to add first-party cookies to its site conversion pixel, which enables advertisers to track site activity and attribute ads across browsers, while TikTok also removed the option for users to opt out of targeted ads last year.

Thus far, TikTok has seemingly been able to avoid the worst impacts of ATT, but there will be a level of reduced data insight, which will impact any performance tracking.

But still, these new attribution tools will provide more ways to measure ad response, which could help to improve your TikTok ads process, in both understanding and optimizing your campaigns.

You can find the new Attribution Manager in the ‘Assets’ section of TikTokm Ads Manager – more info here.

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