Twitter’s looking to enhance its bonds with the developer community with the re-launch of its ‘Chirp’ conference, which brings together developers and members of Twitter’s team to discuss the latest initiatives, share insights and provide answers to key technical queries.

Twitter Chirp

As explained by Twitter:

“The Chirp Developer Conference is a celebration of the innovation developers have brought to Twitter, the opportunities that await, plus a few surprises.”

The conference, which will be held on November 16th, will include keynote sessions, reveals and community engagement initiatives, with both IRL (in San Francisco) and online components throughout the day.

The re-launch will also see Twitter hold its Chirp Developer Challenge, where developers are invited to submit their most interesting, creative and innovative uses of Twitter’s API.

Over $520k worth of prizes will be awarded in three categories:

  • Content Discovery apps
  • Conversation Safety tools
  • Public Good apps

That could help Twitter find new use cases and developmental opportunities, beyond the capacity of its own team.

Though whether Twitter will be able to develop them or not will largely come down to who’s in charge, with Elon Musk still in the process of (probably) buying the app.

With Musk as chief, big changes are expected in Twitter’s roadmap, which will see various elements re-prioritized according to Musk’s plan. That could mean that development initiatives like these gain more traction, or they could get sidelined completely – but either way, it makes sense for Twitter to continue to build relationships with the dev community with a view to finding better ways forward for the app.

For general users, that doesn’t mean a lot right now, but it could end up providing new inspiration for Twitter’s next big updates and additions.

Twitter remains the leader in real-time engagement and interaction, which provides huge capacity for insight, if it can be harnessed, and maybe, the Chirp conference will be the origin point of a whole new way of looking at tweets.

You can learn more about Chirp 2022 here, where you can also register for updates.

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